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Shut the WOOF up

Jul 11, 2021


Volka is joined by @littlepupjessie and @Shaun2k5 to talk about what it’s like being plus sized in the world of kink.

I’m really grateful to my two guests for discussing a very personal topic so candidly and honestly and I really think we raised some interesting points on this episode. I hope you all enjoy it!


Jun 13, 2021

Volka is joined by @Murrlin, @Tekpup and Trekpup to talk about their kinky relationships and how kinky they may or may not be…

This one features my boyfriend. WHAT?! Volka has a boyfriend now?! Yes. I know it’s weird and strange, but it’s a revealing episode full of honesty about the ups and downs of...

May 9, 2021

Volka is joined by @Pup_Umber and Chopstix to talk about being a POC in the world of fetish.

An episode a long time in the making, it’s one meant to be informative without being preachy – a way to listen to and understand things that may not be so obvious to the stereotypical demographic in the fetish community. I...

Apr 11, 2021

The psychology of fetish with Emma Kenny

Volka is joined by @EmmaKennyTV and @AlphaBune to discuss the psychology of fetish.

How do we deal with fetish haters? How do we know if we’re “normal” and how do we deal with the voices in our heads that tell us we’re not?

This one’s very deep but illuminating and...

Mar 14, 2021

Season 5 is GO!

Volka is joined by @MotoThePup and @PupFoon for a look back at the last year.

How has lockdown affected us all? how have we kept ourselves occupied? and what we have been using to get us through it all?

We take a delve into the real and virtual reality world of sexual play, equipment used and the pros...